The Perfect Storm: An ADHD and Sensory Workshop

This masterclass will give you the strategies and step-by-step action plan to create a happier and healthier lifestyle for your child . Are you ready for your child to have a solid foundation on their health so you can move the needle forward on having more energy, better focus, and drug-free solutions? Diagnosis or no diagnosis.

"The Perfect Storm Workshop" has something for everyone.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

1. The top 3 options parents have when it comes to their children's health.

2. The sequence of events that make up "The Perfect Storm".

3. "Gas v. Brake" and how this analogy explains our body's response to go into a protective state of fight or flight (and what we can do about it).

4. Our 3-step clinical process and 2 steps to take immediately.

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In just one to two generations (not nearly enough time for genetics to actually change much at all), rates of chronic illness in children have been rising quickly to troubling levels. Studies reveal that:

****ADHD & behavior problems in kids range from 10-15% and continue to climb.

**Anxiety in kids has grown from 11% to over 20% in just over two years.

**Depression in kids has grown from 8% to over 25% in just over two years.

**Overall mental illness in kids now affects 1 in 6 kids and continues to climb.

**Autism rates have increased to over 240% since just 2000 (1 in 44 kids).

When it comes to the wide range of sensory and behavior issues that come up with children of all ages, we know the struggle is real! And during the workshop, you'll learn the step-by-step action plan to change it all so your entire family benefits.

Early warning signs of the perfect storm include:


*Sleep issues



*Difficulty nursing



*Ear infections

*Respiratory infections



*Motor planning delays

*Speech delays

You should attend this masterclass if:

*You're a parent whose child struggles with frequent meltdowns, tantrums, sleep struggles, focus issues, sensory overload, mood regulation, behavior challenges, gut issues, and more!

*You're a parent whose child has received a diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, SPD, OCD, anxiety, or ODD.

*You're a family member who helps care for a child who is struggling and needs answers.

*You're a teacher, therapist, or other professional who works with children and needs a new way to help.

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