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Athletic Care: Reaching New Bests

Now Accepting New Patients

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We Help You Get Better and Excel

Discover how our unique healthcare programs can help you address your concerns quickly.

Concussion Care

Get back in the game quickly with our expertise in concussion relief. We will help you get out of pain and get on the path to healing as efficiently as possible.

Pain & Injury Care

When you're down, you're out of your routines. The quicker you can get over the issues and back to your rhythms, the quicker you can get back to your passions.

Expert Conditioning

Your "good" can be your "better" and your "better" can be your "best" when you have a professional conditioning expert ready to guide you to it.

My Approach to Your Health

This is how I help you get out of pain and back to enjoying your life without medications that just mask the symptoms!

Corrective Exercise

A corrective exercise is a movement or exercise chosen to correct a specific dysfunction. Every patient’s concern is unique and so are the exercises that will address those particular concerns. We teach our patients special “blueprint” exercises to help strengthen the affected muscles or areas. This is necessary to enhance the effectiveness of the spinal correction and hence more likely to shorten the treatment period.

Corrective exercises are often designed to accomplish the following:

•Regenerate and release the fascia, muscles and tendons,

•Realign and increase blood flow and range of movement to structures, and

•Strengthen the muscles and challenge the nervous system.

•Some examples of corrective exercises:

•Self-massage techniques using tennis ball, golf ball, and foam rollers.

•Stretching techniques: active, passive and dynamic

•Strengthening exercises

These corrective exercises can be easily performed in the comfort of their own home and they are usually simple and effective. Buying equipment are usually not necessary.

Identifying Subluxations

Subluxations are caused by physical, chemical, & emotional stressors. As you experience more stress, your body experiences vertebral subluxations that interfere with your nervous system.

Your nervous system controls every function in your body from cells and tissues to your most vital organs. Nerve interference causes symptoms that let you know something is wrong. If we only treat the symptoms, the underlying issues will persist.

Our First Course of Action

Our goal is to first remove the pressure on the nervous system to allow your body to heal. If you are in pain, we obviously want to address that as quickly as possible so that we can focus on your comprehensive health instead of just the symptoms that bring you to our office. By addressing the root cause of the issue, we can stabilize the area of the issue and prevent future subluxation!

Keeping You Healthy Long-Term

Healing takes time, especially when most people seek help and the condition has been there for years. Everyone's conditions are different so we customize our care plan based on your consultation, exam and X-rays. We also include your lifestyle. Everyone's lifestyle is different and the amount of stress someone has can vary.

Let's Take the First Step to Healing Your Body.

Use this form to request a date and time for your new patient exam. This will give us a chance to perform a series of non-invasive tests that will give us a great idea of where the root cause of your issues may be.

From there, we will work together to design a personalized care plan that will first get you out of pain and then continue to improve your health through targeted treatments and regular analysis of the results.


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13479 West Center Road, Omaha NE 68144

Call: (402) 964-2930

13479 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE 68144, USA

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13479 West Center Road, Omaha NE 68144

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